Multimedia Solutions

Would you ever read a newspaper or a magazine if there was only plain text printed on it? Would you go further in accessing a website if it just had textual content? Your obvious answer to the above questions will be, NO. Today, we have become so much used to multimedia that now we cannot think of using a single media at a time.

Multimedia Website
No one likes to see a web page that only has textual content or images on display. Use of a single media is a big turn off and can drive away visitors from your website. This is the reason today majority of the websites make use of multimedia technology. To put it in simple words, multimedia means use of more than one media at a time. You can choose any of the media types such as text, images, graphics, animations, audio, video and interactivity for your multimedia applications.

Ikon Infosystems offers expert multimedia presentation services, graphic designing services and multimedia outsourcing services which help in developing a strong corporate identity.We provide multimedia presentation, flash animation, multimedia solutions by using Flash, Photoshop, Director, Illustrator, Adobe In Design, 3D MAX and more.
We can create personals or business introductions, animations & multimedia presentations and special effects for your personals, business or corporate presentations, which will clearly target your communication presentations to the targeted audience.
We can add value to your business, personal or corporate presentations with animations of your corporate logo, graphs & 3D animated charts and by making your idea or concept a reality through 3D simulation and best animation-multimedia services.

Ikon Infosystems highly skilled team of multimedia and animation are engaged in developing business & productions for commercials, presentations and other business promotional purposes which will impress and dazzle your audience.We are fully equipped with the latest animation & multimedia tools and technologies, we can blow up quality animation services and special effects to the corporate market at a fraction of broadcast prices.
A logo is a graphic representation of your company's identity. It is composed of a symbol, illustration, and/or typography (sometimes called a "logotype"). A logo should:

  • Attract attention, and then leave an impression.
  • Create a look that is unique and distinguishable.
  • Reflect the overall "feel" of the company it represents.
  • Promote a feeling of authenticity and professionalism.

The creation of effective corporate images, logos, emblems and brand identity trademarks require an imaginative graphics logo design service utilizing suggestive imagery through the visual presentation of symbols, words, shapes and colors; commercial logo design for any purpose, experience makes a big difference. Ikon Infosystems specializes in logo designing not only for business cards, but also web-sites, stationery, and latest technology based printed advertisements to develop innovative and elegant logos and graphics. Other services offered by best multimedia-Solutions offers logos designing in flash using Macromedia Flash with lowest bandwidth animation, special action, sounds and effects.

Ikon Infosystems , prides itself on creating an interactive Multimedia & CD Presentations for sophisticated companies. We have the ability to develop the best multimedia-presentations, flash animation and CD Presentations for companies or individual.

Our best efforts can create multimedia presentation and CD Presentations for software & business companies who are looking for a way to actually demonstrate their softwares and business with lustrous, We offers you high quality of multimedia presentations and flash animation services. Contact us for the best flash animation presentation and Multimedia Outsourcing.

A word of caution
While the use of multimedia in a website can help boost its popularity, overload of it can work negatively. Before using multimedia in your website you have to consider the time that people usually spend on a single web page. Do not overload or stretch your Flash animations or presentations. Keep them to moderate values and then be sure of gaining more visitors to your website from them.

Also make sure that you use different multimedia applications throughout your website, where and when required. It should not be such that only a single page in the entire website is loaded with different multimedia applications while the others are static web pages.

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