Shifting your Website

There may be occasions when you need to shift your web-site from one webhost to another.

Shifting of your web-site has to be done with care so that you donot lose visitors or your Search Engine rankings.

You can shift your web-site following these simple steps:

  • Backup your website pages using your Hosting Control Panel.
  • Backup your Database. You can take a backup using phpmyadmin or the Hosting Control Panel or the mysqldump command. It is always a good idea to take the backup in two parts - first only the data structure, and then the data content.
  • Unzip and copy your web-site files to the new host using FTP.
  • Restore the database at the new host. If the database is large, you can use the bigdump script.
  • Test the site on the new server by making a temporary change in your Windows Hosts file to point the domain to the new host.
  • Make changes to the scripts which may be caused due to change of hosting environment.
  • After the site is tested at the new host, you can point the site to new domain by changing the DNS record at the Registrar.
  • Do not shutdown your old host immediately. Redirect traffic from the old host by adding a '301 Redirect' line in the .htaccess file.

If you have any special needs of shifting web-sites, please contact us with your requirements.

In todays environment, every organization need to be cost-competitive to stay in business. The World is now a global village and companies can outsource their work to gain the cost advantage. Earlier only big companies outsourced their work, but now it is not necessary to be a big Multinational to outsource your work. With the development of better long-distance communications at lower cost, and the availability of Free software for Remote operation of PCs, physical distance has very little relevance to outsourcing.

Advantages of India
  • Cost advantages.
  • India has a large pool of available technical manpower who know English well.
  • Mature and stable democracy with a well-established legal system.

Our Advantages

  • We are an established company
  • Can work with flexible costing methods which best meet the clients needs.
  • We can help you with augmenting your skilled staff or provide services for a specific project.
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