Why Ikon Infosystems

Our strengths are our technical expertise in making diverse technologies work together and our commitment to maintain high service standards.

Ikon Infosystems closely evaluates its client's current and future IT needs, to evolve value added technology product.

It functions on modern development lines and automation of many activities result in more efficient programming, greater speed and flexibility, while at the same time, forms the appropriate base for the development of models such as Total Quality and Just in Time. Shaster focuses on three key interrelated components: people, process, and technology, in order to improve its performance.

Ikon Infosystems delivers I.T. solutions that match customers needs 100% using an approach that treads the middle ground between pure custom development and packaged off-the-shelf software installations.

Its unique model of combining component based framework technology with offshore development enables it to offer solutions to its customers in one-fourth the time and at a fraction of the price.
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